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About Living Japanese

Living Japanese is about surrounding yourself with Japanese and learning by living. It's about turning learning Japanese into a fun and exciting journey by doing the things you already love to do - in Japanese.

Living Japanese features articles on: finding motivation, time-saving learning methods, how to immerse in the language, and enjoying the learning process.

And if you're wondering who it is that writes these articles...

This is my friend, Mr. Furry-Face.
My name is William James, but I post under the name Tigoris. I learned Japanese through self-study and immersion while living in my home in Florida – pretty far from Japan. At first I just wanted to be able to read Japanese novels, but I've continued to study and learn even after achieving that dream. Now here I am a few years later living in Tokyo and attending a Japanese university.

If you've come to this page, then you have the most important thing needed to learn Japanese: the desire to learn. The most difficult part of learning Japanese is making the decision to start. Once the decision is made, there's nowhere to go but forward. So take the first step; I'll help you on your way.

And if you need help, you can always contact me at


  1. I just wanted to mention an excellent tool for studying Japanese kanji - if you're on Windows 7 and you've activated the Japanese typing IME, you should have access to a tool that lets you draw out a kanji and it gives you the kanji that match it. I've tested it out on a complicated kanji and it works great. No more having to look up kanji by stroke order!

    1. Thanks for sharing this! I should probably make a post so that more people can learn about it.