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Dec 12, 2010

Grammar Resource

I promised an article about grammar, so here it is. The main way to pick up grammar rules is to simply experience the language by listening to or reading natural Japanese, but sometimes you can get stuck and not be able to figure out what a certain particle means or just what is going on in a sentence. When you just can't puzzle out what a sentence means on your own (using context and your knowledge of other similar sentences) then you should definitely try looking up some grammar rules to figure it out.

There are many resources for learning grammar, but I've found that Tae Kim's Japanese Grammar Guide works well enough to cover all of the main problems you'll be likely to encounter. Just go on and check out his table of contents and you should be able to find whatever you're looking for.

I'm not really going to recommend any other grammar help sources, as Tae Kim's is the only one I've ever really needed (and even then only looked at it a handful of times). I'll be taking some Japanese courses at my university for fun though, so I may learn some interesting new grammar tricks or sources that I can share at a later date.

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