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Mar 7, 2011

Drama Introduction: My Boss My Hero

Today I have the pleasure of introducing something that is not manga, but is instead a Japanese drama series. I watched this series after seeing several people comment on how funny it is, and after watching only a few minutes I understood why they said such: this series is hilarious. Without further ado, I present to you: My Boss My Hero (マイ・ボス マイ・ヒーロー).

The basic premise of the story is that Sakaki Makio is an idiot. Having dropped out of school and taken to a life of committing crimes and getting into fights, he's definitely not a person you'd call “scholarly.” When his inability to even add correctly costs his father, a yakuza boss, an important deal, he is sent back to high school. If 27 year old Makio is unable to pose as a 17 year old and complete his senior year of high school – with his true identity unrevealed – then he will lose his chance to become the next boss.

The major appeal of the show is its comedy, for Makio clearly has a lot of problems with switching from days spent fighting and committing crimes to wearing a school uniform and attending classes. His reactions to his new experiences, his interactions with other students and teachers, as well as his moments of stupidity make for a lot of comedic situations.

If a professor is about to call on me, I make this face too.

Underneath the comedy, there is also a pleasing story about a 27 year old returning to high school and learning a lot of important life lessons in addition to the subjects taught in classes. He also learns that some things require more effort to attain – such as pudding.

So, if you're wanting to watch a good Japanese drama of the comedic persuasion, give My Boss My Hero a try. Among the dramas I have watched, this is my favorite by far.


  1. You know, earlier this week I was literally thinking I should get some non-animu/manga sources to watch. Because anime usually gets translated rather soon, and I'm still using subs for most of my series even after watching the raw so I can understand everything (though I promised to stick with at least 1 series this season without subs, and I've been doing well understanding Madoka without a crutch to rely on a day or two later).

    I was thinking back on how you sad it's exciting to pick something up that isn't, and doesn't have a good chance, of being translated. Of course, there are tons of manga that fill this category, but I have a nice backlog of manga and novels for reading practice, but when it comes to listening practice I only have drama CDs, music, and anime to rely on, for the most part. Though I do look up certain comedy clips on youtube from Japanese shows. You ever see anything from Jinnai Tomonori?

  2. I left , the torrent on while I went to sleep, woke up, and found it was moving at 8KB/s. Guess I'll dig around a bit for a more lively torrent, if there is one.

  3. Did you use the one for episodes 1-10? I just used that one yesterday and ran at about 400-500 kb/s the whole way.

  4. No, I was just individually getting EP 1, going to try the 1-10 torrent right now.

  5. Oh, nevermind at all. I was torrenting on my laptop, but I never torrent here, so I didn't realize I never optimized uTorrent on here. Probably should have just downloaded on my desktop first to avoid this, but at the time my desktop was off and I was cozy in bed too lazy to turn it on.



    You know it.