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May 6, 2011

Anki Deck – JLPT Vocabulary

If you're looking for an extra source of vocabulary to add into your own deck, this JLPT deck is perfect for you. It's loaded with more than 8000 cards of pure vocab, which means you won't be running out of new words to learn any time soon. I wouldn't say that this deck is meant for intensive study, but should instead be used to add in a few extra words per day to supplement your other sources.

An example card from the JLPT Anki deck.
With the combined vocabulary deck you'll get words from all of the JLPT levels, which means a mix of very common and very rare words. Because of this, it may be better to pick and choose specific levels of cards by choosing tags to study or downloading a specific JLPT level deck.

How do I get the JLPT deck?

You can click here to access all of the shared Anki decks on AnkiWeb, or you can go directly to the JLPT decks using the links below.
  1. Select the deck you want to download from the list.  
  2. Click the download link at the bottom of the page and save the deck to your computer. 
  3. Open the downloaded deck file to automatically add the cards into Anki.
  4. Do not change the order of card presentation for the deck. All images and audio files are automatically loaded and stored with your deck.
Which decks should I download?

To get the deck with all of the levels together, click the link below:

JLPT Vocabulary for All Levels

And here is a selection of vocabulary decks for specific levels of the JLPT:
(Note: N5 is the easiest level, N1 is the most difficult.)

Ultimate JLPT N5 Vocabulary Deck
Ultimate JLPT N4 Vocabulary Deck
JLPT N1 Vocab
I browsed through the N3 and N2 decks and couldn't find any that had all of the parts needed for an effective deck, so I've skipped those levels.

Give these decks a try if you're looking for some extra vocab to study, but don't forget to immerse in real Japanese! If you haven't started reading yet, check out this page to learn how to get started.

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  1. Man, I'm so horrible with Anki that I never bothered to fully explore the program. I think I might use this deck though. It looks really useful, thanks.

  2. I have a huge list of words already that I plan to look up sentences for using that site you posted before. Having a JLPT list of words as well seems like it'd give me a nice boost for sentence material. I'd assume JLPT uses fairly common words until you get to the final level.

  3. That's very useful, thank you