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Jul 29, 2011

Anki Deck - Core 2000 Vocabulary

The Core 2000 Japanese Vocabulary deck is an amazing resource for building up knowledge of the most common Japanese words. With the release of Anki 2 this deck has become even better, because now it comes with audio and images.

It's got audio too!
The Core 2000 comes from the iKnow or website's vocabulary learning program. In the time since I used the site, it's become subscription-based. Their prices look quite affordable, so consider joining if you're interested.

The Core 2000 is actually broken up into ten steps of 200 words, with the most common words appearing earliest. You should only aim to do two or three steps of the Core 2000. By the time you get those under your belt, you'll be able to take on Japanese media and learn that way. There's now even a reading pack to help you start reading Japanese.

How do I get the Core 2000 deck?

You can click here to access all of the shared Anki decks on AnkiWeb, or you can go directly to the Core2000 decks using the links below.
  1. Select the deck you want to download from the list.  
  2. Click the download link at the bottom of the page and save the deck to your computer. 
  3. Open the downloaded deck file to automatically add the cards into Anki.
  4. Do not change the order of card presentation for the deck. All images and audio files are automatically loaded and stored with your deck.
Which decks should I download?

Depending on what you want in your deck, you can download the deck with images/audio or just the vocabulary. Both deck types are included below.

Decks with Images and Audio:

Each of these decks has 200 words, but several cards for each word. There are listening cards, sentence cards, and vocabulary cards. Learning this way will only get you so far, so I don't recommend going beyond the second or third step.

Pure Vocabulary Decks:

This is the original deck that I recommended for Core 2000. With Anki 2 it's become possible to easily include audio and images, so it's worth trying out the newer decks if that's what you want.

An example of the pure vocab deck.
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  1. >Another feature of this deck is that it includes the sound and image files from the program. They really don't seem worth the trouble to download and get setup, so I'd not bother with them.

    Yeah, the images were especially pointless. I'd even argue that they're detrimental, since you can often take a guess at the meaning from the image without actually knowing the word.

    1. I would disagree, on that including an image helps distinguish between homonyms and guessing wrong. Furthermore Anki is self grading... Should you really count a guess as a correct answer?

  2. anybody have a subscription key as I don't have a way to use native anki?

  3. How do you get the pictures to work inside anki?

    1. They should automatically load in without doing anything (if you have Anki 2). What are you seeing when you look at the cards?

  4. The decks are not available! :(

    1. Hey, go check out the new site at and there are updated deck listings.

    2. Oh, I've seen it, but I began studying with "Japanese Core 2000 1" so I'd like to continue with it... Since it`s no more available, I'll try the JLPT, and look for another deck with phrases..
      Thanks! :)

    3. yeah I'm facing the same problem too I started off with the first deck and feel absolutely in love with it and now that I've found out that the other decks aren't available anymore it's just really there anyway way where we can download the decks from a different source?