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Jul 4, 2011

Updated Store Page

In preparation for introducing some more Japanese media, I've added some more content to the Store page of the blog. I'd like to write about some more websites, but I've unfortunately not had enough money to buy anything for almost a year now. Oh well, perhaps soon I can get on that.


  1. I agree about Amazon jp having expensive shipping.
    Might I suggest CDjapan too? They have some books/manga, and they have a points system. I've used them a few time, and had no problems.

  2. Thanks for sharing! I'll check CDJapan out next time I go to order (along with a few other sites I've been wanting to try).

  3. I've used CDJapan myself before as well, with no problems. What sort of media are we talking about here, mainly written material?

  4. I personally order mainly written material, but all of the sites I've talked about have all kinds of media. Thanks for sharing further input on CDJapan!