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Dec 23, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Everyone loves Danbo~*

Happy holidays, Living Japanese readers! I hope you're all having a nice break from work or school. As you know, this holiday season Living Japanese is all about the upcoming release of the first reading pack, so it's time for a...

Progress report for the Yotsubato! reading pack!

The Yotsubato! reading pack is well under way! The current progress stands at around 50% completion of the vocabulary list, which is the biggest part of the pack. The vocabulary list should be complete within a few more days, and then work begins on the sentence portion of the pack. Since there's still some time left before it's complete, ask yourself this question:

Do I have the first volume of the Yotsubato! manga?

If not, then now is a great time to get it! You'll need a copy if you want to use the reading pack, so buy one or borrow one now, then you'll have it ready when the pack is complete. This manga is quite popular, so just about any online retailer will have copies of the first volume. Here are links to a couple sites with it in stock.

*photo credit: Chris J Bowley via photopin cc

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