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Feb 2, 2013

Reading Pack and Site Updates

Thanks to everyone who has left feedback for the Yotsubato! Reading Pack! I've got some information regarding the next reading pack, as well as an upcoming update for the first one. I also have some changes to the site layout to announce and a bit of exciting personal news.

Yotsubato! Volume One Reading Pack:

Several people have mentioned that including an Anki deck of the vocabulary would make the pack better, so I'll be adding one into the pack. Some people have wanted the vocab sorted by frequency of use, but with the way that Anki handles reviews I can't add that in (sorry).

The Next Reading Pack:

With that said, future reading packs will include vocabulary and sentence Anki decks. I haven't decided on the manga for the next reading pack, so feel free to submit any requests in the comments of this post.

An Updated Article Index:

The old “Map of the Journey” page has been replaced with the Articles by Topic page. The old index was getting cluttered, so I finally gave it the overhaul that it needed. I'd appreciate it if you could let me know if there are any issues with the navigation of the new page.

Tigoris in Japan:

I found out last weekend that I've been selected by my university to take part in a year-long exchange program with a Japanese university in Tokyo. I'll be starting classes in September. I'm looking forward to sharing my knowledge and experiences with you all!


  1. I vote for Yotsubato! 2 for the next Pack.

    And congrats on getting to study in Tokyo for a year. I envy you :)

    1. Thanks! Alright, so far I'm hearing a lot of people wanting Yotsubato! 2. We'll see what happens!