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Mar 15, 2013

Reading Pack #2: Yotsubato!

The content of the second reading pack has been decided! As the majority of requests were for a continuation of the Yotsubato! series, I will be picking up where we left off and moving into the second volume of the manga. Thanks everyone for your input; I'm looking at the other requests as possibilities for later packs.

Contents of the second Reading Pack:
  • Page-by-page reference list
  • Sentence pack
  • Anki decks (sentences and vocabulary)

The content of the second pack will be much like the first, except that now it will come with the Anki decks right from the start. I'm also going to add more sentences into this pack, so you'll have more to add than just vocabulary.

If there is anything you'd like to see added in this reading pack, please leave a comment below!

Also, if you're wanting to plan ahead and order the second volume of the manga, here are a few vendors with it available.

Kinokuniya USA – Located in the US so shipping is much cheaper. Currently in stock.

Kinokuniya is the cheapest option for those in the US.

And if you haven't read the first volume, check out the first reading pack!


  1. This is great news, I loved your first reading pack, it helped me immensely. I also wanted to thank you for all the hard work that must be going into this.

  2. Yeah, what "CallMeVince" said. Really amazing what you're doing here! One thing I'd like to add, is that it's also quite easy to get the mangas themselves at "", since the have global shipping and a english website.
    Volume 1 would be:
    and Vol. 2:

  3. Hey Tigoris, just a quick question: If we have already entered the J-J phase and we want to use this reading pack (assuming it's in a bilingual format like the last one) should we take all the vocab and redefine it J-J style? Also, if anyone is having trouble getting manga you'd be surprised what a quick search attatched with ダウンロード will get you.

    1. It's probably not worth the effort to take that extra step. As long as you're still adding your own J-J cards in addition to the bilingual ones it's not really an issue.

    2. Alright, thanks a lot for getting back to me.

  4. Can't wait! The first reading pack was amazing.