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Jun 1, 2013

Reading Pack #2 coming VERY soon!

As the title says, the second reading pack is nearly here. I'm putting the final touches on the pack right now, and could possibly have it ready for release by tomorrow. Here's the info on the reading pack from the last post in case you missed it!

Here's a breakdown of what will be included with the second pack:

  • Vocabulary Reference Sheet: This is a page-by-page list of every word in the manga. Keep it handy while you read so that you never have to look words up in a dictionary. A new feature for the second volume's reference list is a "notes" section for additional information that can help with understanding a word or how it is used in the manga.
  • Sentence Excerpts: These are sentences taken straight from the manga with a reading guide and definitions. These sentences will allow you to study grammar and vocabulary in context. For the second reading pack I want to have a larger batch of sentences, so this part of the pack will be more robust than before.
  • Anki Decks: The sentence and vocabulary lists will be loaded into two separate Anki decks. Add the decks to your library and you'll be able to remember the vocabulary from the manga long-term.
If you haven't already done so, check out the first Yotsubato! reading pack. You might also want to get the second volume of the manga so that you can move on to the second reading pack when it's released. Several online vendors with the second volume of Yotsubato! are listed below.

Kinokuniya USA – Located in the US so shipping is much cheaper. Currently in stock.


  1. Can't wait :D
    Thanks so much for making this.