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Jun 12, 2013

Revised Reading Packs

A couple of kind fellows sent me emails in the last week about the content of the two Yotsubato! reading packs. I've made some changes to the two packs to help make the content more similar, as well as fixing some problems that have been pointed out to me. The big changes are listed in detail below.

For the Yosubato! Volume 1 Reading Pack:

The main change for this reading pack was created by an inspired user. He's made a new HTML version of the vocabulary reference list, which is now included in the pack. It keeps the readings and meanings of words hidden until you click to reveal them, so you can't accidentally see them and "cheat" at reading. It's a genius addition to the pack, so many thanks to the contributor!

For the Yostubato! Volume 2 Reading Pack:

I apparently lost about 200 Anki cards when I packaged the deck for the second reading pack - whoops! I found the missing cards and repackaged the deck, so all is now back in order. I sent out emails to all who have purchased the reading pack so far, but feel free to contact me if you're having any trouble with downloading the revised deck.


  1. Great addition to Vol 1 Vocab!

    On Vol 2 the revised deck has only the missed words in Anki as a separate deck from the first one. Is that the way it is supposed to be? Not integrated?

    Thanks Tigoris

    1. If you've already added the deck that was missing some of the cards, then when you add this new deck it will only add the new ones.

      In other words, you already have most of the cards imported, so it won't import the same entry twice.

      You can move all of the cards to be in the same deck by using the browse or import tools. You can also make the two partial decks into subsets of a larger category.

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