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Feb 10, 2011

Manga Introduction: あまんちゅ!

Today's manga is from the creator of Aria, the stunning manga series that was adapted into an anime that spanned three seasons and an OVA.

Title: あまんちゅ! (Amanchu!
Author: 天野 こずえ (Amano Kozue
Difficulty: 3/5 (1 easy, 5 hard)
Furigana: Yes
Format: 漫画 (Manga

あまんちゅ! has several primary qualities: Slice of Life, Comedy, Scuba Diving

So far I have featured slice of life series exclusively (because they're both enjoyable and easier to read), but today's series is different from the others. “In what way?” you ask? Well, today's series is from the creator of perhaps the best slice of life series I have ever had the pleasure of enjoying, and I've got a good feeling that this series will live up to that standard. The comedy element largely stems from the childlike optimism and joy that practically floods from the main character, so it's not the kind of verbal humor that could make understanding more difficult. Scuba diving is a part of the story though, so expect some new terms in regards to that.

Plot: The plot is beautiful in its simplicity, just as Aria's was. The story follows a young girl named Hikari as she goes through her normal life. She finds joy and wonder in anything and everything, and a large portion of the story is about her sharing the joys of the world with those who have long since ignored them. The underlying theme of the story is that beauty is all around us, we simply have to open our eyes to see it.

Art: The art is very pleasing to look at, as it is not only well drawn, but it also switches between styles to add humor and some color. The art really complements the theme and style of the manga, so I can see absolutely nothing to complain about.

In summary, this series is absolute gold. In reading it I find myself wanting to go out and find the beauty in the world – to actually open my eyes and see the small wonders that surround me every day. To quote a line from the first volume, “People who think that the day will be filled with happiness will find that happiness in any time and any place.”

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  1. No doubt this is a good read if it's made by the genius behind Aria.

    >The underlying theme of the story is that beauty is all around us, we simply have to open our eyes to see it.


  2. nice! i havnt read anything this good in a few days.