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Feb 9, 2011

Manga Introduction: アコニー

Today's manga introduction is an interesting series that I stumbled upon a few months ago. It's a bit more difficult, but it's intriguing enough to make up for it.

Title: アコニー (Acony
Author:冬目 景 (Toume Kei
Difficulty: 3.5/5 (1 easy, 5 hard)
Furigana: No
Format: 漫画 (Manga

アコニーhas several primary qualities: slice of life, fantasy

You can probably see a common thread among my series now: slice of life. These series are really great for reading and I've come to love them, so most of my favorite series fall into this genre. The fantasy element of this series doesn't really raise the bar too much, but there will probably be some stranger terms in the manga because of this element.

Plot: The plot follows a young lad named Motomi who moves into the ancient apartment where his grandfather has been living. The place has a really spooky aura about it, and strange people and things are around every corner. One such weird person is the girl Acony Lanchester whom he first meets while she is attempting to stab mice with a pair of scissors. She lives in the apartment next to his and is quite often wasting time outside while her dad, an author, works. Because she is often bored, she begins to spend time with the apartment's newest tenant. 

Art: I really like the art in this series, as it's somehow different from the "normal" art that I see in manga. The drawings throughout the chapters are kind of sharp and have a more sketchy feel to them, but that's by no means a bad thing. The color pages are quite nice. Unlike most series which have a digitized feel, this series has an organic, handmade feel that I quite like.

In summary, the series is going to to be at another level of difficulty due to the lack of furigana. With these kind of series your knowledge of kanji will really be tested, so it may be overwhelming at first. If, however, you are up to the challenge, you'll find an intriguing story about a young boy and a strange girl who share many interesting adventures inside of their apartment building.

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  1. Sounds interesting. Is there an english version?

  2. The plot and unique art style look really interesting. I'll take note of this series when I start to get kanji under my belt, but that won't be for a while ;_;

  3. That character on the cover makes me think of Remelia.

  4. Hmmm, intimidating, but I'll see if the Japanese bookstore near my house has a copy for my to skim through to see if I can handle it right now or not. May just buy it regardless for whenever I feel confident enough to try it. I've been reading のんのんびより and making really nice progress with it.

  5. >Sounds interesting. Is there an English version?

    As far as I know there was only ever one chapter translated, so I don't think so.

    >Japanese bookstore near my house

    So jelly right now.

    >see if I can handle it right now or not. May just buy it regardless

    That's what I did. Bought a few series without furigana and kept trying them from time to time. Once you read your first volume without furigana it'll be all downhill.

    >I've been reading のんのんびより and making really nice progress with it.

    I'm really glad to hear that!